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Post  The Stealth Sun May 03, 2009 5:18 pm

Well as you see this is the list of clan rank names. And you can also see how much you need to earn points to get a new and higher rank.
As simple as that. You can see the list in an other topic that is named Points System. Thats where you can see how to earn points.
So good luck!

Ranks are given to maintain structure, not for members to obtain power. We need to remember that this is a game, not reality. No one has the right to treat other clan members with disrespect simply because they are of a higher rank. Ranks are a privilege and a reward for service and knowledge, not a license to do whatever you want.

Initiate = Beginner = 0

Knight = Main Soldiers = 100

Knight Captain = High Skilled = 2500

Scribe = Tech = 10000

Paladin = Elite = 20000

Sentinel Lyons = Best Of The Best = 50000

Elder Lyons = Most Inportant Man = 100000

The Initiate.

The Initiate is the very beggining of the ranks. As I mean is like a beginner.
He have to be a trainy before he/she can earn the rights to call him/her a Knight.
An Initiate have to learn everything on how to use... ect.
A one week is a good periode time before he/she can get the higer rank.

The Knight.

The Knight is a trained Initiate and are the main rank for wars/recon/patrol
Knights are know to be the main soldiers in the front. So if you see one you better run!
Well the Knights have the sertan duty to have patrols and do a few recon missions.
But are higly used as guards.

The Knight Captain.

The Knight Captain is know as the captaing of a squad of knights. Whenever they go a patrol then the Knight captain is the one who reports back.
Knight Captains are also know to know more than a normal Knight so be aware of them.
The Knight Captains are always in charge when there are no paladin or any of the higher ranked.

The Scribes.

The Scribes are know as the force Techies. As they are the ones who control the systems, having control of what you earn.
Basicly they are the ones who keeps the order in place and are the ones devoloping weapons/armor/technology
They are also know as not the best fighters what they fight with is technology.

The Paladin.

Paladins are know as the squad leaders and are the most skilled in the force. So if you meet one you would not survive for long.
Paladins are know to be Elite but not the best as the Sentinel Lyons are the very best.
Paladins are often chosen for recon missions as they are the Elite and survive longer than a normal knight.
But Paladins are chosen for the missions that a Knights never could have acomplished.´

The Sentinel Lyons.

Sentinel Lyons are the rank of the very best of the best in the force.
You would never be able to see or hear them before you die. So never stay in theyre way!
Sentinel Lyons are the rank that are given to very few. As it is only for the very best.
Sentinel Lyons are those who do the imposseble missions as can be fights that are 1 againgst 30
They do the missions that others cant do.

The Elder Lyons.

Elder Lyons are the man who is the most importan in the force. If he dies so do you. There are no force if there are no Elder Lyons.
Thats why Knights are at a constant guard on him.
The Elder Lyons are Given to the fewest of all. He is the one who established the force. And are one of those that are high skilled as the Sentinel Lyons.
He is the one who can wander alone in the battlefield.
Be aware of his skills, those skills are very unknowingly strong.

©️ A copy righted ranking system. ©️

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