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Post  The Silenced on Sat May 30, 2009 11:23 pm

I gonna show you how to get new Ranks:

Initiate = Beginner = 0 points (1 Week as an initiate it gives you +100 points = 1 rank earned) Its basicly

Knight = Main Soldiers = 100 points (this rank needs 100 points to get those Ranks)

Knight Captain = High Skilled = 2500 points
The Knight Captain is know as the captaing of a squad of knights.
Whenever they go a patrol then the Knight captain is the one who reports back.

Knight Captains are also know to know more than a normal Knight so be aware of them.

The Knight Captains are always in charge when there are no paladin or any of the higher ranked.

The Knight Captain is like a team leader that have to make a post on the result of a match. The Knight Captain reports back.

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