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How the clan came together

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How the clan came together Empty How the clan came together

Post  Promo on Mon Nov 10, 2008 9:37 pm

The God Devils is a multigaming clan. And we are dedicated to be a very well organised clan.
It began with my first clan, named Dragons. We didnt have anything, were only playing stronghold 2 we grew fast. But we couldnt have order in it becouse, we didnt have a website. So that clan died. After that, I started a new 1 named DG-Fighters, and as the same with Dragons clan we grew fast. And also this time I made a website, but no one registered to it, and we didnt have order in the clan. So it died..
But now when I got more experiance with this. I made a new website and a new clan. This time we were named The Shadow Hunters. But later I did find out that there was already a clan named The Shadow Hunters, so we had to change name.
But now! We got a strong website and our own name. So now there can be no failliure. We are now The God Devils! And we will stay that way.


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How the clan came together Empty Re: How the clan came together

Post  The Stealth on Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:13 pm

Since the 2-3 past months have The God Devils clan improved a lot. And now we are only seeking people to join our clan.
and searching for matches and such.
However. We have grown much and are still growing.
We now have got 2 server. And it might increase later when we got more mebers in the clan. Smile
We are growing into a strong communiy, and are in need of some experinced people. Wink
So keep up the good work. cheers

How the clan came together Stars121
The Stealth
The Stealth
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