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New ranks and system to earn points!

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New ranks and system to earn points! Empty New ranks and system to earn points!

Post  The Stealth on Sun May 03, 2009 5:54 pm

Hey there!!!

Well as you know we have finally worked out a new system to earn ranks. But to earn higher ranks you need to earn points!
So more points you earn then higher ranks you gain and with higer rank you gain access to more and more!!
So dont miss the chance to earn the high ranks as follows to gain more access!!

Take a look at the NEW CLAN RANKS
You can see the ranks and some info about the ranks and see how many points you need to earn the higher ranks. Click on the link below or above to see the NEW CLAN RANKS

So when you reach a sertan rank named Scribes you need to pick an order of the scribes and keep that order in it's place and order. Click Here To See The Order Of The Scribes
Or just click on the link below

And not to forget the New points system that we finally have managed to greate!
You can see all the ways on how to earn point but be AWARE that the system can CHANGE and get some MORE WAYS to earn points.
So Click Here To See The Points System
Or click on the link below

Well I guess that's it.

Sincerly: The Stealth

New ranks and system to earn points! Stars121
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The Stealth
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