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Info and how to get higer ranks.

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Info and how to get higer ranks. Empty Info and how to get higer ranks.

Post  The Stealth on Thu Feb 05, 2009 1:53 am

How to get higher ranks:

Ok now you are a soldier, and you want to earn higher ranks..
Then first off all you need to be active in games play much and so on. And more inportant than that is to be active in the WEBSITE/FORUMS that means to be here on the website and forums for a while each day.
But as a higher rank you need to do that ranks duty. But before I tell more about the duty, you need to know something else.
As you are trying to get higher ranks, you need to post your gameplay hours in the forums.
(Example- I have played 213 hours this week in CS:S)
Ok. That was the thing you should know but you need to post more than that in the forums like games, jokes, tips, new games, pictures and so much more, becouse we want to know if you really are active here and so on.

NOTE: Please note that more you do for the clan ya better is your chance to get higer ranks.
More detailed: Example: You could give a monthly fee to the clan and you have earned your way to a higer rank and can give you Paladin. (Remember a MONTHLY fee) In that way are you supporting the clan on the best way.
Anyways is there other ways to earn higer ranks is the way on how you earn your medals! Yes I said medals. You can earn medals and thereby a very good chance to get higer ranks.
An other way is on how many people you have recrueted to the clan! So more you recruet ya higer rank you can get.
But that will be a very high amount of people when you reach to general.
More info please ask or comment.

Well now about the duty's.
You should know that each rank have it's own duty. But it is only the trainy and soldier that doesent have a duty.

Initiate rank:

The initiate rank is the first rank when you join TGD, it is the lowest but you will get higer ranks, as more you are active and are doing something for the clan.
The initiate is more to see if you are really intrested in to being a TGD member, and mostly are to to train the initiate to be in the clan and use the website and such.
And there are one thing that need to keep in mind that initiates do not get access to admin rights on the server until they are a soldier or a higer rank.
More info please ask or comment.

Soldier rank:

The soldier rank is the rank when you have finished your training as an initiate and are ready to get higer ranks. Then the soldier rank will be given. The soldier rank is the standard rank after initiate and have no spesific duty's and therefor do not have to do anything. But if they doesent do anything then there are no chance to get a higer rank. So I will recomend that you try something out. Mostly to be active on the website/forums will give you much better oppertunity to get higer ranks.
More info please ask or comment.

Officer rank:

So to the officer rank. The officer have the duty to watch when there are new post's in the forums, and tell the higher ranked members when there is an aplication. The officer rank are allowed to challenge other clans, but most ask the higher ranked members first. And if that officer have asked and are allowed then he most find other members to join him and his fight. :-) That officer are allowed to command the lower ranked members, but not other officers and higher ranked members. So if he goes into a match and are commanding a paladin to come, then he have no right to command him rather the other way.. He can only ask the other officers and higher ranked members to come. But he can command lower ranked members to come and they must listen as they are lower ranked.
More info please ask or comment.

General rank:

The general rank is the one who comands over the soldiers and so on. He doesent have the rights to command the higer ranked members as known. The duty of an general is to have order in the squads. So if there is any problems between squads then the general must find out of something to correct it. Genral have the duty to control trainings and train the initiates. The general should know how to use the website and forums and mostly the people in the squads. So he will have the charege to train the initiates.
More info please ask or comment.

Knight rank:

The knight are allowed to to manage the squads but most know what he is doing so there wont be any truble.
The knight have the duty to hold control on the forums, if anyone have broken the forum rules then the knight can take actions againgst this person. Must talk about it before any action are made. The knigt are allowed to manage trainings. So if the knight feels that we need training, then he can manage a training. It can be instant action like right now or set up a spesific day.
He can command the lower ranked right away, but not other knights and higher ranked members.
More info please ask or comment.

Knight Captain rank:

The knight captain rank are the same as the knight. But have the rights to command over the knights, and have the one more duty to watch over the knights. In other words have responsebility over the knights and lower ranked members.
More info please ask or comment.

Paladin rank:

The Paladin have the duty to watch when there are new aplications on the forums and then add them right away to the team and put him into the squad. He shall listen to the lower ranked members about things in the forums like a forums rule break or clan rule break. And have the duty to take action imediatly.
The Paladin can do clanfights, challenge other clan, mangae trainings, put the new aplications into the roster and to be active on the website forums. He have the duty to listen to all kind of problems and shall try to do what he can.
The paladin must be on the website/forum every day as posseble. Becouse this is a very high rank and have almost the same responsebility's as the overseer.
Note the paladin can commander all the lower ranked members but not the other paladins or higher ranked members. The paladin have the duty to inform the overseer about new aplications so that the overseer knows when there are new people in the clan.
More info please ask or comment.

The overseer is the highest rank.
The overseer have the duty to watch over all and have order in the clan. the overseer is the one with the responsebility over all. And can do with them what he want. Anyways the overseer can commandeer all without other overseers.
He is the one with most responsebilitys, and have to fix problems that other cannot do. As im talking about server problems and putting new maps and such into it, everything such.
more info please ask and comment.

That is. Hopefully you learned something, and are willing to fullfill these duty's.
Now get started and be the one of the paladins or even an overseer!!

Info and how to get higer ranks. Stars121
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