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How To (Earn points and ranks)

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How To (Earn points and ranks) Empty How To (Earn points and ranks)

Post  The Stealth on Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:20 am

Hey there.

I have made this How To becaouse there were to many questions about how to earn points. So this How To will show you the basic on how to get points and ranks. So follow carefully if you want to earn points and ranks. Wink

Well we will start to show you where to find all the info and how to use it. We will beginn with the first thing you earn of points.
NORE: That this is a beta version now and might have some difficulty's. Thats why this is a BETA and needs you to tell us how it worked for you and if there is something missing and if there should be anything more added to the How To.
Thanks and get started.

Step 1.

we will first go to the section where you can find all the info about the points and ranks. Beginn to go into the website from there you can see a button named Forums. Simply click on it and you will be redirected to the Forums. (all the points and ranks info is in Forums) In the Forums you see all the sections of forums. Look for the section named (Ranks and Points) When you have found it click on it.

Step 2.

Now you are in the section you can see all the topics about the Ranks and Points. (They should all be stickied and Announced.)
Well what we are first gonna look for is the Ranks to see what they are and what they contain and how many points they need. So click on the topic named (Clan Ranks) and when you are in there read it so you know what the ranks are and what they need.

Step 3.

Now you have read how many points they need and what they are. Then now we are gonna read what the ranks contain what it is you can do with them. (But remember with every higer rank. Is there something that every rank have to do in the clan. This will be explained when you reach to that rank.)
So go back to the section again (Ranks and Points if you should forget) So you are in the section again now look for the topic named (Rank Perks) Simply click on it and then you should come to topic that contains the info about everything that the ranks can offer you in return for your service.

Step 4.

So now you have read the topic and know what the ranks can give. So now you have to know how to make a report. Without making a report you cant get a single point only by losing points if you arent doing anything. (in that case you have done nothing in 4 weeks you might be kicked out of the clan and will be an OutCast. Note that OutCast's cannot return to the clan.)
Ok now you must go back again to the (Ranks and Points) section. And you shall look for the topic named (Example Report) This shows you an example on how to make an report and it contains the info you need to know how to make a report. It's very simple and easy. If you dont understand, then I will explain further here. (if you know how to make an report just simply skip the rest of this Step)'
So if you dont get it then I shall explain it better and in detail. You see. Whenever you have acomplished something within TGD related. Then you can earn points for it. But remember that it's always TGD related.
so here is an litle example. I have just joined the clan and I have just made my intreduction for the clan. There i already got points for making an intreduction! And it is 10 points worth.
Now i want to EARN them im not just gonna leave them emty becaouse i NEED to make an REPORT. So I goto the (Ranks and points) section and make a new topic naming it (The Stealths Report)
In it am I gonna write that I have acomplished the (Intreduction)
And this is how im gonna write it:

This is my acomplishment's.

I have made an Intreduction = +20 points
(NOTE: But Wait! I got also the First Post when I made my Aplication! so I earn the First Post points ALSO!)
I have got the First Post = +5 points

And thats how it's DONE. So lets continue shall we. Smile

Step 5.

Now you are all set and ready to earn points but there is one thing missing! We need to know what kind of things that we do to earn points. So go back to the Ranks and Points section and look for the (Points System)(HINT: It's on the top of the section.)
So now you are in the (Points System) This topic shows you all the things that you can do to earn points. The colors are based as this.
Blue tells you what the thing is you must do.
White tells you how many points that thing you do is worth.
Red tells you all the warnings. Like what counts and what doesent.
You should read it all and maybe if you get an idea of a new and other ways to earn points just make a topic in the Ranks and Points section about it. And it will be considered as son as it has been seen.

Step 6.

Well now you are fully ready to earn points. And I hope you didnt skipping reading any of the topics that you needed too. Then it wont help you if you dont know how to and have not followed the How TO.
So back to the subjeckt. You are now ready and you should still be in the Points System. If not please go back into that topic.
So now you are in the topic named (Points System) do you only have to pick one thing that you might want to do and so on.
Lets say to make an intreduction it earns 20 points and its easy and fast.

Step 7.

You are on your way to make an intreduction to earn those fast 20 points.
So go back to the main Forums page and look for a section named (Intreduction) and click on it.
Now you are in it, then just make a new topic. And start writing a bit about your self.
Here is something that you can use for the intreduction:

Reason why you are here:
A bit about yourself:
Something else you want to tell:

And thats just something you could use you dont have too. You can make your own if you want. That is just a standard about intreductions.

Step 8.

Now you have made your intreduction you need to report that you have made and finished that task.
So go to the (Ranks and Points) section and make a new topic. You should name it someting like this: (Your name - Report)
And then write like the step 4 showed you how to make an report. Write it in there and post.
When it is posted then it will be updated as fast as it has been seen. And you have earned your points!

Step 9.

Now you know what the ranks are and what they offer you. And you know also how to post an report. And also to look what kind of things you can do to earn points.
So this is the last step. becaouse you know everything and you have made an fast intreduction post to experience how it works.

Then now I can only say that you can keep doing this. (Not to make a lot of intreductions ofcourse. Only one counts)
You can look into the Points System and pick anything you like to do to earn points and simply do it and make the report when you have done it. And you will be earning points fast becouse its easy and funny.

So get started do the things you like best and maybe even post your idea on how any other and new way to earn points so there is more to do. Smile
Good Luck and have fun with the points. And mostly have FUN!

Sincerly: The Stealth.

©️ A copy righted ranking system. ©️

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