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Clan members points list.

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Clan members points list. Empty Clan members points list.

Post  The Stealth on Tue May 05, 2009 1:01 am

Hey there. Smile
Well someone asked how they could see theyre points that they earn. So I came up with this list that shows how many points you currently have.
So in fact it's much easyer now for anyone to follow the points they earn. But there are always some sertan recomendations to earn the points. You see the high ranked cannot watch over you all the time and count everything that you do and earn.
So to make it a lot more easyer that everyone must make reports back to base. In other words tell the high ranked what you have earned so it's much easyer to add it to your points collection.
You can make it like the example below.


I have reached 100 post's = +50 points
I have been in one of the TGD server for 1 hour = +50 points
I have made a clan movie = +100 points
I have recrueted 1 = (example name: Hearth Stalker) = +100 points
and thats all I have done until now.
Example:- END

But be aware cheating points can results heavyly loss of points as everything that you can do is recorded and can be seen by admins if they do an investigation.

Ok now you know how you have to do to earn your points then let's see what you have shall we. Smile

The Stealth = unlimited points (due FOUNDER)
Zypher = unlimited points (due FOUNDER)
The Virus = 100 points
Levi Johannesen = 245 points
flowz!lla = 100 points
dragon123 = 100 points
Liverpool316 = 100 points
redz = 100 points
Smoke = 100 points
†TGD†aRmAnI||ISS = 100 points
Darkside = 2500
Haribo = 0
Priority = 265 points

Thats all of the members for now! More might come as more as we recruet.

Sincerly: The Stealth

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Clan members points list. Stars121
The Stealth
The Stealth
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