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spare servers tgd have

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spare servers tgd have Empty spare servers tgd have

Post  substick11 Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:47 pm

i have been talking to stealth about him have a 2nd war server and i was thinking wat is the point in having 2 ow and also the de dust only one, so i was thinking you should add more maps to the de dust one, and this is a bit extra if u want but you could put an rpg or wcs mod on it, wcs ftw lol. The spare war server i was thing should be converted into an mg server or something since there always good or you could put it into surf,gg,slide,mg,hosties,jail,paintball mod (they suck), and wat ever else there is, these are only ideas so i am not making you do them Very Happy

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spare servers tgd have Empty Re: spare servers tgd have

Post  The Stealth Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:52 pm

Well unfortunatly the spare war server is gonna be expiring so no problems with it Smile

But sadly the dust2 server is gonna expire too...
Well it were becaouse the gamehoster was not so cheap and I found a Cheaper place and much better so we are gonna move the servers to an other gameserver hoster. Smile

So when we get a new server we will discuss about what it shall be and a poll will be set. Smile


Any questions? just ask Very Happy

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The Stealth
The Stealth
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