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Tells how the servers is

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Tells how the servers is Empty Tells how the servers is

Post  The Silenced on Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:36 pm

Hi i gonna talk a little about the servers we have

The servers we got is some times De_Dust2 and cahnge ti Cs_Office is the one we got some are normal maps on. Laughing Some Different sometimes.

We have one climbing server is funn. Very Happy
On this server cane we meet friends and other people, you cane only be on one team is Counter Terrorist (CT).

You cane save spots, teleport there if you die or falling down then you cane use the menu to teleport there you have saved a spot.

You have to press T and then type menu and then enter. To know how to use the menu. Very Happy

The Silenced

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Tells how the servers is Empty Re: Tells how the servers is

Post  The Stealth on Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:50 pm

I moved the topic to Server/Servers talk section becouse it belong to there Wink

Anyways. The normal server is basicly made to do wars and such. But can also be used for puplic use if the permission has been granted. So if people want to use the server as puplic game. Then they have to make an aplication that asks if they can use it as piplic.

And the climb server. It is based on climbing in other words jumping. It is very fun. And we have one plug missing thought it is the revive plugin it does not revive you when you die you must rejoin the team to revive. I am still looking for for that pluugin. So if you know where to get please tell me. Smile
And to get the menu to appear you must type !menu in the chat and it will appear. Smile But if you need help with the menu just type !help in the chat.


P.S. Very nice topic The Silenced.

Tells how the servers is Stars121
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