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Servers Information.

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Servers Information. Empty Servers Information.

Post  The Stealth on Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:30 pm

Hey this section has been made to the server adminstrators.
HowTo join the server adminstrators:
You must be trusted by the clan! Do not missuse the admin or you will lose it. Dont behave bad over other people. Always be kind to them. Kick/Ban only when they are doing something wrong. (look at server rules) [url=]Server Rules[/url]
You must post your Steam ID in this section so we can add you as server adminstrator.

Server Admins:

1. The Stealth
2. Zypher
3. GreenDragon
4. Maaax
5. The Virus
6. Encise

This first server has been made into a gun game mod version 4 and are a 100 ticketrate server with 20 slots.
The server IP adresse is

Second Server Admins:

1. The Stealth
2. Zypher

Second Server is a training server. And are for clanwars and such.
The server IP is:
And the password is: TheGodDevils-clan

Council Members:

1. The Stealth.
2. Zypher
3. Greendragon

To be a council member:
To be a council member most you be advanced to help the clan. And be active on the website. And always try to improve the clan.
The council will be the ones who are in charge.
And if one council member are misusing the power of being a council member. He will lose the rank and wont get it back in a time.

There are being made a section for recrueters now. We will make the joining request into try out soon we will start working on it.
So soon everyone that are joining the clan have to make a try out.

INFO: Dont worry, if you wont make the try out you can make a new one.

INFO: Those who arent council members. And are giving out passwords. Wont be trusted to be promoted. Couse: arent following the orders!

The Stealth
The Stealth
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Founder/Web Admin

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