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Game Server/servers Rules

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Game Server/servers Rules Empty Game Server/servers Rules

Post  The Stealth on Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:37 am

Server Rules.

Bunny hopping or "strafe jumping" that allows you to move EXTREMELY fast through the map. If you are seen using this cheat and it is believed to be scripted you will be banned.

Sky walking - Using the hidden levels above certain maps to achieve a advantage, If you use this exploit you will be banned also if you help someone to skywalk, by assisting people to do so by boosting them up to the ledge etc, you are also open to a ban.

Grenade scripts - those that BUY, ARM and TOSS bound to a single key. If you use them to repeatedly spam grenades you will be banned.

Boosting with MORE THAN ONE team mate to gain ANY advantage due to map bug and you will be banned.

Map bugs /exploits - Any Player that takes advantage of a map exploit we deem to be an unintended advantage over the other team/players will be banned. The boosting though any floor or roofs on ANY map is NOT allowed.
Map exploits, but not limited to, are listed below. Please check to see if we allow you to use it:

Team flashing - Throwing flash bangs intentionally at your own team to either provoke/irritate them or to hamper their game is a bannable offence.

Spamming Voice / Text Chat - Repeatedly spamming in game chat / voice comms with adverts/ comments or voice communication with anything intended to distract other players will result in a ban.

Blocking - Blocking doors/ windows needed by your team to progress with the objective on the map is unsporting and a bannable offence

Spawn Killing - Some custom maps are badly designed and allow teams to see each other at spawn, so players can shoot the other team before they have brought a weapon or moved at the beginning of the round, we consider that extremely unsporting on the servers.

Spawn Camping - If you are on the attacking team, e.g. CT team on a hostage rescue map you are expected to try and achieve the objective, that is rescue the hostages. You are not allowed to camp at spawn with snipers rifles for extended periods.

Commonly used offensive language used in a game nickname. Offensive language will be determined by the Server Admin. It contains items such as the serious sexual swear words including racist terms, the rule of thumb is you should try and remain as polite as possible at all times on the servers.

Admin Abuse - We server admins, carry out the work we do in our own free time, and of our own free will, we are human, not machines, therefore we are not infallible. Where mistakes are made, we work hard to rectify them, but we will not tolerate any abuse or harassment aimed at any member of the admin team and we will always take action against any player that abuses any member of the team.

Serious Offence in server.

Cheating - Using ANY cheats/ plug-ins / hooks /altered graphic card drivers to give you an advantage over any normal game install on TGD is a major offence and will result in a permanent ban on the TGD Servers.

Serious Abuse - This includes any Racism/ Homophobic abuse and prolonged use of Sexual Swearwords, TGD operates a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in relation to Racism and Homophobic Abuse and will permanently ban any person caught doing so on the servers.

Pornographic / Racist sprays are not allowed on any TGD server, if you are spotted using a Pornographic/ Racist spray you will be banned on the TGD servers.

If you are banned.

If you receive a message on joining the game servers, which informs you, that you have been permanently banned off this server, and you feel that this is unjustified, then you need to make a ban appeal, you can do so by registering on our forums and making an appeal via the ban appeal section of our forums.

If you are banned and receive a "you are banned until [date]" that is an automatic ban by the VAC system, or Valve Anti Cheat , and TGD have no powers to un-ban you. If you receive a VAC ban you will need to contact Valve directly if the ban is unfair. TGD admin's can and will not enter into a VAC dispute.

If you receive a message after your ban directing you to Steambans, then you need to follow those instructions to appeal your ban on the Steambans Network, which is an Anti-Cheat plugin. It only bans people reported for cheating.

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