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Request admin rights on server/servers

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Request admin rights on server/servers Empty Request admin rights on server/servers

Post  The Stealth Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:04 am


I see you are intrested in to get admin rights.
Well first of all you need to be a TGD member to get acces to the admin rights.
And if you are in TGD then you must post your steam ID and your admin request must also contain wich server/servers you want to be admin in.
You can be admin in all of them. But there are sertant recomendations if you want it.
You will need to be very active on the forums. And must atleast be once a day on our server/servers.

There are one more thing. And that is to be a section leader in this section.
And there are one more thing than that. And that is to be a server staff! But there are some requirements that you need to fullfill.
You must know how to manage a server, and you must know FTP! And to manage the files.
If the staff job are being missused. Then he/she might get a ban from TGD clan. And cannot get acces again to the staff section.

Hope you will have a good stay, and i hope you enjoy the stay here. Very Happy
Cheers. cheers

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