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Need a logo for my TF2 clan

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Need a logo for my TF2 clan Empty Need a logo for my TF2 clan

Post  Alek on Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:37 pm

We have just made a clan on the 360 with the name of: Epidemic outbreak or: EoB
And we would be very happy if someone could make a logo we can use at our forums.

- Size: 400-150 pix

- Background style: The TF2 logo or a map like (Just make the logo the same size as that picture it's an ok size, this is also the background I want the most) Or you can choose something else if you don't think it fits

- Any type of border: You chose

- Name: EoB would fit, or Epidemic Outbreak, EoB is best though

- Quote: Not really, unless you think of something pure win.

- Picture(s): If this is the right category it would be nice with some of these pictures: or This picture would be awesome, just scale it down a bit.

- Color(s): I don't care, your choice

Contact me on: if you wonder about something. And again I am REALLY thankfull for anyone with l33t sk33ls that would want to do it. THANKS in advance


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