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Enemy Down Leagues!!!!

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Enemy Down Leagues!!!! Empty Enemy Down Leagues!!!!

Post  The Stealth on Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:02 pm


Well we have made another try to enter Enemy Down. So everyone please be more active make a shout and then goto our forums and make a post or something.
We just need you to be here more often. We recomend that you are here atleast everyday.
Thought we have a chat in the website and here in the forums. Chat with each other get each other to know. Smile

Well here is one thing we recomend almost demand you to do it.

You need to get mIRC!! you can get it here its free. And there are no virus and such in it.

After the download that are pretty fast due its not taking much. Install it where you want it.
When that is done please make yourself an account.
If you cannot find it or it doesent come too you.
Then chose TOOLS and goto OPTIONS in there you see somethin named CONNECTIONS click on that.
There you go. Fill in those emty spots.
the other one is not needed but you can do it anyway if you want. It is optinal.
Well after that click OK
When that is done please do the same thing again.
Click on TOOLS and then goto OPTIONS and now in there please goto SERVERS.
Find QUAKENET and dubble click on it. Then you see some difrent like UK, US, SE and such.
Click once one the UK one. And click SELECT. Then press OK.
Now youre DONE.
But not really.. Now CONNECT to QUAKENET. And send this message to join our channel!!!

/join #TheGodDevil

That's the message send that one in the QUAKENET chat. And you will join our channel!!!!
Now CONGRATULATIONS! You made it!! You are now in our channel.
But we recomend as soon as you get into your computer PLEASE JOIN THE CHANNEL! Smile

Thank you very much that you have read this topic. And please do the things we ask you. As you are in TGD's CLAN! Very Happy
Cheers. And have a good day and a good stay. cheers santa

Enemy Down Leagues!!!! Stars121
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