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Section Leaders.

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Section Leaders. Empty Section Leaders.

Post  The Stealth on Sun Dec 14, 2008 4:19 am

This message will contain the section leaders. If you want to be a section leader, then please go to the topic lack of section leaders. Please read it. LINK:
As thought if you want to be the section leader then you must take actions as the leader. To try make that section more popular and make some decisions to improve that section. (Make it better) Wink
Well here is the list of the section's in need and wich are taken. Smile

Introducion section.
General discussion section.
Game development section.
About TGD Clan section.
[Now under: Counter Strike: Source]
Game talk section. (Taken by Snowman)
[Now under: Call Of Duty 4]
Game Talk section.
Aplications section. (Taken by The Stealth)
[Now under: Server/Servers] (Taken by The Stealth and priority)
Server/servers talk section. (Taken by The Stealth and priority)
Ban appeal section. (Taken by The Stealth and priority)
Server/servers ideas/suggestions section.
Request Admin in our server/servers section.
[Now under: Graphics Section] (Taken by Redz)
GFX Discussion section. (Taken by Redz)
GFX Request section. (Taken by Redz)
GFX Showcases section. (Taken by Redz)
Photoshop Tutorials section. (Taken by Redz)
[Now under: Support]
Bugs/Support section. (Taken by The Stealth)
Ideas and Suggestions section. (Taken by The Stealth)

Those were the sections available and taken!
You cannot take one that already are taken. But you can be a moderator in that section. To help the section leader to make it more popular and improve it!!! (Make it better)
You can also post your request here as it is connected to the other topic.

If you want to request a section. Please contain these informations listed below.

Why you want to be the section leader/moderator:
What are you gonna to do to improve the section:
How would things go if you are the section leader/ moderator:

Thats what you should put in your request. Smile Well good luck and have a good day. Smile
Cheers. cheers santa

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The Stealth
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