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How to make your Aplication.

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How to make your Aplication. Empty How to make your Aplication.

Post  The Stealth Fri Sep 11, 2009 7:01 pm

Welcome to The God Devils,

We see you’d like to join |TGD| The God Devils! Read carefully, everything will be listed on what is expected of you when you apply and accepted to the clan. Remember we do not have to accept anyone and it is ultimately up to the Clan Leader and Co-Leaders who is worthy of membership. We can deny or turn down an application according to our need. A Leader or a Moderator will review the application and update it day to day. In that time; after you apply, get ventrilo and get on TGD Vent.
You are expected to be on our ventrilo starting after you apply. This is very mandatory for all that are applying. Get Ventrilio Here!
Port: 4244

How you can increase your chance of being accepted?
So you made your application, now you are waiting. Wait, why are you waiting? Do something. When you make your application, do something to get your chance higher of getting accepted to the clan. What you can do? First of all get ventrilo and get on TGD Vent, which is the best way to show your pride for TGD. You can also post something on the forum, and entertain others with some weird and wicked stuff people from TGD post. Show/say something cool and see if you feel welcome. Forum is the 2nd best way to show you are ready to be accepted, this shows that you love the clans post and interesting stuff they post each day. Server is the 3rd best way to show that you can put a good mood in impressing your skill, and possibly you may see the Leader The Stealth or Zypher or aby high ranked member with high status. They will see you and if you impress them, they are ready to help you get to your status, member. So 3 basic ways: Ventrilo, Forum, and Server. Try you hardest.

I think I’m Ready?
I have played on the TGS clan servers and want to join the clan.
I've registered on the Delusional Gaming forums and completed the clan application.
I'm in The God Devils ventrilo every time in TGD servers.
I will not disturb other about my application.
I will wait for 1 moderators or 3 admins to accept my application
I became a Recruit in ventrilo.
I will now wear |TGD| tag in-game.
I will go to most Clan Meeting.

Clan Acceptation Rules:
Must have successfully completed the clan application
If you get denied, you may remake you application a second time. You have 3 chances.
Must have a working mic and must join the The God Devils ventrilo.
Must have 3 admin approvals.
Must have 1 globals approvals.

How do I apply?
Application is easy, find the section called Clan Application and copy the application and paste it in your post. Fill out the application without leaving any blank or unanswered questions, check it to see everything is set, and then click Post and your ready to go!

Steam ID:
If you don’t know what your STEAM ID is just join a game like you normally do then go to options/keyboard/advanced options and enable Developer Console. Then close those screens and press the ~ key (hyphen key)or(console key) on your keyboard (top row left before number 1) to open your console. Then type the word "status" in the text box and hit enter, look for your in game name in the text and there you will find your "STEAM ID" (STEAM_0:0:12345678) in the same line of text.

So you’re all set, hope you read all and make your submission to join TGD, GOOD LUCK!

Your Leader,

The Stealth




Clan Application

Steam ID:

NOTE: If you are under the age of 16 and not mature, DO NOT APPLY

Vent Name:

In game Name:
NOTE: Only one pick of in game name to prevent cunfusion in clan.

Recruited By:


NOTE: If you are to change your name, please contact The Stealth.

Do you have a Mic:

TGD Server you play on:

How did you find out about us:

Reason to accept you:




1. Do not bother anyone about your application.
2. Do not tell any leader or moderator about your application.
3. Do not even mention your application to anyone PERIOD!!!


What to do after applying?
Okay so I have made my application to join TGD, now what? Well, you can get on ventrilo when your join our server or go to any server. You can wear the -TGD- tag. Meet friends on the server and ventrilo. Post more post on the forums
Port: 4244

Communication Required
Get Ventrilo, xfire and Skype. You will be able to contact admins through these programs to get instant access to the server when it is full or to report a problem.

We also have a Private Messaging system (PM) for this site. You may receive important Messages from other members or you can use the PM System to Message a member. When you have a New PM Message, you will see a flashing "You Have a New Personal Message" or just "1 PM" text top on the navigation bar.

This PM system is good for when the admins are not here and you are to report something hazardous to TGD. You may also get important help with PM. It is HIGHLY recommend that you PM the Leaders for help and not disturb them in ventrilo or Skype.

Important information:
If you are not active playing or not active on ventrilo your membership will be removed after contacting you through email.
-When applying MAKE SURE YOU NOT TELL STAFF OR COUNCIL THAT YOU ARE WANTING TO TALK ABOUT THE APPLICATION!!!! Don't except them to accept you in the clan that quickly. We staff are busy 24/7. Just be active and contribute to the clan.

If you do have a MAJOR question about your application, PM the leader or admin.

Sincerly: The God Devils team.
The Stealth
The Stealth
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