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ODD Banner request

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ODD Banner request Empty ODD Banner request

Post  Swatty on Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:13 am

- Size: (In pixels) Standard website banner size?

- Background style: (Abstract, light grunge or Heavy Grunge) Light Grunge

- Any type of border: Black Border on far outside edge

- Name: Dunedin Airsoft Corp

- Quote: -

- Picture(s): - see below

- Color(s): - see below

- Any other information:

Hey guys

As a kinda odd request, i was after a non CS banner. I was hoping to get a banner with some (ether real steel or airsoft) guns on it for my local clubs website. I was hoping for some type of camo (DPM woodland or Marpat maybe) with some guns on top of it (glock mp5 m4 socom hk416 really anything) and the words Dunedin Airsoft Corp. I know this is quite a hard one but if anyone could do it that would be great.



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