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How To Join TGD info

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How To Join TGD info Empty How To Join TGD info

Post  The Stealth on Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:36 am

This message will contain the tutorial on how you can join our clan and to get higher ranks, but there are sertan recomendations so keep up the good work. Smile

Well if you havent signed up in the website for your OWN account that you can send private messages with and much more. Smile
Then please go now before you start the tutorial.

Ok. Now you have your own account in the website then we can begin.
You will need to post a new topic for your OWN aplication. so please click on NEW TOPIC.
Ok now you are set and ready for what you need to write in your aplication.

Here is what you shall write in your aplication.

Real name: (Example- John)
E-Mail: (Example- John@
in game name: (Example- Johnny The Soldier)
why you want to join The God Devils: (Example- Becouse one of my friends say that this clan is superb and are one of the most friendliest clans ever. So I thought to join the clan.)
Some details about yourself: (Example- I am 17 live in faroese and are a low skilled player)
What you can do for the clan: ((Example- I own a game server and can give that to TGD) OR (Example- I can get a IRC Channel to TGD)
Steam ID: (Example- STEAM_0:1:17368963)
Other: (Example- I know verry much about managing game server)

If your message contain all of these informations. Then you have just made it into the roster, but you must wait until some of the higher ranked members see this aplication. So they can add you to the roster.
Well you will be added as a Initiate into the roster!
So now you need to earn your way up to higher ranks.
But this is the most inportant for you. You need to be a trainy for a week, so you need to play with the TGD members until then. When the week is over then the new ranking system will promote you to a higher rank as will be a soldier. So read more to learn how to get more and higher ranks.

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