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Post  The Stealth Sat Jul 25, 2009 8:16 pm

Have you ever heard about the game Empires? If yes then i dont mean the strategic game as you look down on your people and build things and train soldiers and so on.
No I mean the game that is strategic, action and first person multyplayer game.

Empires is a Half Life 2 total conversion combining the best aspects of the First Person Shooter and Real-Time Strategy genres. Players will choose between fighting for the Brenodi Empire or the Jekotian resistance known as the "Norther Faction" under the direction of each team's designated commander.

Commanders will play from a traditional RTS view from above the battlefield and is in charge of issueing orders to players, placing base structures and defences, researching new weapons and vehicles and managing the team's resources.

Standard players will aid in securing and constructing bases for the commander and waging war with one of 4 customiseable infantry classes or using one of 7 different and fully customiseable vehicle classes. The goal of the teams are to either kill the enemy commander or reduce the enemy team's reinforcements to 0, rendering them unable to respawn.

Best part is that this game is free and only needs that you have an HL2 engine. If you dont know that you got HL2 engine? It's easy, if you got CS:S then you also have the HL2 engine. Becouse you cant play CS:S without HL2 engine as it is build't on that engine.

You can get it free here:
Take the 2.24 full install thats the full game the other is only a patch from 2.23 to 2.24.
And start playing when you are done! Very Happy

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