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zombie settings

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zombie settings Empty zombie settings

Post  The Stealth on Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:52 pm

// How often zombies play zombie sounds. The lower the value, the more often they emit a sound.
zombie_sound_rand 50

// Health that zombies get. First zombie is this times two.
zombie_health 2500

// The speed that zombies travel at.
zombie_speed 325

// Field of vision of the zombies. Normal human FOV is 90.
zombie_fov 100

// The knockback multiplier of zombies. Set to 0 to disable knockback.
zombie_knockback 4

// Space separated list of guns that are restricted during zombie mode. Takes effect immediately on change.
// Can be any combination of the following
// all - All weapons
// equip - Equipment
// pistol - All pistols
// shotgun - All shotguns.
// smg - All SMG's
// rifles - All rifles.
// sniper - All sniper rifles.
// Or each weapons short name. Ex: famas, awp, mac etc etc.
zombie_restrictions "flash"

// Makes maps very dark if enabled. If disabled, the map doesn't have to be reloaded to start zombiemode.
zombie_dark 0

// When enabled, ZombieMod will use the scoreboard to display which players are a zombie and which are humans.
// The CT team shows the humans and the T team shows the Zombies.
// On round_end everyone is randomly placed onto either team to allow for buying at the start of the next round.
// The teams are not changed again until the first Zombie is chosen and then everyone else is moved to the CT team.
zombie_teams 1

// If enabled, zombies who are killed respawn as a human after zombie_respawn_delay seconds.
zombie_respawn 0

// Time before players are respawned in autorespawn mode.
zombie_respawn_delay 1

// If enabled, ammo is set to 1000 clip.
zombie_unlimited_ammo 1

// If enabled, zombies can only voice with zombies and humans with humans.
zombie_talk 1

// When enabled, disables players from suiciding.
zombie_suicide 1

// When enabled, disables players from suiciding by switching teams.
zombie_changeteam_block 1

// Text for suiciding assholes.
zombie_suicide_text "Dont be an asshole."

// If this is in your config.cfg ZombieMod attempts to auto load itself at first round_start.
zombie_startup 1

// Maximum amount of seconds after round_freeze_end for first random Zombification.
zombie_timer_max 12

// Minimum amount of seconds after round_freeze_end for first random Zombification.
zombie_timer_min 4

// Amount of extra frags awarded for killing a zombie.
// 1 kill is awarded regardless, but some people feel that when health is as high as it is, more kills should be awarded.
// So, if this is 0, 1 kill is awarded.
// If it is 1, 2 kills are awarded, and so on,
zombie_kill_bonus 0

// Amount of headshots before a zombie's head comes off. 0 means on death only.
zombie_headshot_count 6

// If enabled, zombies heads get blown off on headshot deaths.
zombie_headshots 1

// When 1, allows zombies to disable their own night vision.
zombie_allow_disable_nv 1

// When enabled, shows an icon in the top right corner of a players screen when someone gets turned into a zombie. (Thanks LDuke)
// It also logs a player_death event using zombie_claws_of_death as the weapon name.
// If you are a plugin developer, you should check for this weapon in FireEvent.
// The actual Event_Dying and Event_Killed events are not fired and the player is not dead.
zombie_notices 1

// When enabled, over-rides fog for all maps with a predefined Zombie-Fog.
zombie_fog 0

// When enabled, over-rides the sky for all maps so it corresponds with the fog.
zombie_fog_sky 0

// Primary fog colour.
zombie_fog_colour "176 192 202"

// Secondary fog colour.
zombie_fog_colour2 "206 216 222"

// How close to a players Point-Of-View fog is rendered.
zombie_fog_start 30

// How far from a players Point-Of-View that fog stops rendering.
zombie_fog_end 4000

// Enables fog blending between colours.
zombie_fog_blend 1

// Enables the cool smoke effect seen by all players when zombies are turned.
zombie_effect 1

// Enable screen shake on zombification.
zombie_shake 1

// Enables the JetPack for Zombies.
zombie_jetpack 0

// Enables the JetPack for Humans.
humans_jetpack 0

// Amount of seconds zombies are allowed to use the JetPack in one round.
zombie_jetpack_timer 6

// The material to use for the sky.
// This material should have four vmt files located in materials/skybox.
// Their naming scheme is as follows..
zombie_fog_sky_material "zombie_sky"

// The radius around a players location to check for other players on Zombification.
zombie_stuckcheck_radius 35

// Delay in seconds after a player joins a server to send the welcome message. 0 to disable.
zombie_welcome_delay 2

// The text to send to new players.
zombie_welcome_text "[ZOMBIE] This server is using the ZombieMod Server Plugin. Type !zhelp in chat for help.\nGet it at"

// The url to direct people to when they enter !zhelp in chat.
zombie_help_url ""

// When enabled, all players hear 'undead ambient sounds'.
zombie_undead_sound_enabled 1

// Can be used to higher or lower the volume of the sound played.
zombie_undead_sound_volume 0.7

// The sound to play to players, is precached and added to the client download list automatically.
zombie_undead_sound "ambient/zombiemod/zombie_ambient.mp3"

// A comma delimited string of maps with wich not to use zombie_undead_sound.
zombie_undead_sound_exclusions "de_aztec"

// When enabled, Zombies only take damage via headshots.
zombie_headshots_only 0

// When enabled, after zombie_balancer_player_ratio amount of players are zombies, each additional new zombies health is reduced by this percentage. 0 Disables.
zombie_balancer_health_ratio 0

// The ratio of players whom must be a zombie to start reducing new Zombies health. So when this percentage of the server is a zombie, new zombies health is reduced by the percentage of zombie_balancer_health_ratio.
zombie_balancer_player_ratio 0

// If this is 1, zombie_balancer_player_ratio is the ratio of players who must be zombies before health is decreased. Otherwise, zombie_balancer_player_ratio is the count of Zombies ex:6.
zombie_balancer_type 1

// This is the minimum health you want Zombies to ever end up with while using the balancer.
zombie_balancer_min_health 100

// Number of times a player can use zstuck per round.
zombie_teleportcount 3

// If enabled keeps tracks of damage that players do to zombies and shows them a list on round end or zombification.
zombie_damagelist 1

// Length of time to display damage list. -1 is forever.
zombie_damagelist_time -1

// Amount of red saturation to use for zombie vision.
zombie_vision_r 0

// Amount of green saturation to use for zombie vision.
zombie_vision_g 0

// Amount of blue saturation to use for zombie vision.
zombie_vision_b 0

// Alpha colour to use for zombie vision.
zombie_vision_a 50

// Time in seconds between checks to se if zombie_vision is still enabled on a client. If you notice it disabling often try reducing this number.
zombie_vision_timer 20

// If enabled, players are protected for this amount of time after they respawn.
zombie_respawn_protection 10

// If enabled, when players spawn in they respawn as a Zombie.
zombie_respawn_as_zombie 0

// If enabled, allows players to spawn in once when they join regardless of zombie_respawn value.
zombie_respawn_onconnect 1

// If enabled, the first time a player spawns in they will be spawned as a zombie. This removes the clients ability to 'retry' and spawn as a human.
zombie_respawn_onconnect_as_zombie 1

// When enabled only allows !zstuck to be used by zombies.
zombie_teleport_zombies_only 0

// If 1 sends a message to a zombie every time they zombify someone displaying their current health.
zombie_show_health 1

// This is the time between health regeneration for zombies. 0 disables.
zombie_regen_timer 20

// Amount of health to regen every health regen.
zombie_regen_health 10

// Primary weapon to give players who spawn after round start
zombie_respawn_primary "weapon_tmp"

// Secondary weapon to give players who spawn after round start.
zombie_respawn_secondary "weapon_usp"

// When enabled, gives players a frag grenade once their protection ends.
zombie_respawn_grenades 1.0

// When enabled, uses different zombie classes as defined in zombie_classes.cfg
zombie_classes 1.0

// Material to use for zombie_vision, located in vgui/hud/zombiemod/. If blank zombie_vision will be disabled. zombie_vision is also included with the release add it to downloads.cfg aswell as changing here if you want to use it.
zombie_vision_material "zombie_view"

// If enabled saves players class selections to a file on map change and reloads it the next time the server starts. Also server command zombie_writeclasses.
zombie_save_classlist 1.0

// Percentage of specified health to give zombie classes. Usefull for balancing maps. Only applies when zombie classes are enabled.
zombie_health_percent 100

// Percentage of specified speed to give zombie classes. Usefull for balancing maps. Only applies when zombie classes are enabled.
zombie_speed_percent 100

// Percentage of specified jump height to give zombie classes. Usefull for balancing maps. Only applies when zombie classes are enabled.
zombie_jump_height_percent 100

// Percentage of specified knockback to give zombie classes. Usefull for balancing maps. Only applies when zombie classes are enabled.
zombie_knockback_percent 100

// The file to use for end_round overlay, set blank to disable. If file names are 1024_zombies and 1024_humans this setting should be 1024. The _zombies and _humans must be there.
zombie_end_round_overlay 1024

// *EXPERIMENTAL* Amount of zombies to spawn at round_start, 0 for regular method. Defaults to ( player count - 2 ) if the total amount of players is less than this value.
zombie_count 1

// Type of double health to give first zombie(s):
// 0 disable double health (also applies if zombie_count is 0 or 1
// 1 first chosen gets double health
// 2 all first zombies get double health.
zombie_count_doublehp 1

// Enables/Disabled the zstuck player command.
zombie_zstuck_enabled 1

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