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New addons in climb server!

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New addons in climb server! Empty New addons in climb server!

Post  The Stealth on Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:30 pm


Yes as the title says we have installed some new addons into the server. And they are all fun!

Well I can list them here and say what they do and so on. Smile

The ace bot chat is a bot that will tount when something happens.
This currently have been set to (Disabled) as it coused problems.

By Admin is a very funny admin menu that only admins can have.
What you can do with it is to greate Plant Pots, Tornado, Fog, Shelter, Forcefield and a Trail.
To use it you must be authed. Means you must have admin.
To make it popup type By_Admin in (CONSOLE) recomend to bind it.
Then a menu will popup with all the options.

Clan Manager.
This addon was made for the clan.
It will contain clan achievments and ranks.
Members will be listed in some kind of a list in the server.
And im unable to explain more about this addon as we are currently testing and EDITING.
When we are finished the Editing then it should be fully functional.

Donator addon is basicly an addon that will send messages to people that is playing in the server. It will say something like donate to TGD and get the Donators options.
When someone donates to TGD towards this system. it will grant them a kind of admin menu.
They will get Vote Map, Vote Ban, Reserved Slot and something more thought.

Addon Manager
This addon is basicly installed to manage all the addons that are in the server.

Hacker Fun
This addon is made to fight againgst hackers. Only fully trusted admins can get this.
This will give the options to open steam store of the hacker.
And open a website in the internet explorer of the hacker.
And make the screen pink (I think)
And something else that I cant remember.

Phantom DM
This was made to respawn after death.
So every time you die you will respawn imediatly.

Real Bots
Real Bots will have bots that acts as real players.
They will have ping and they will say something sometimes.
This is currently being EDITED and have been set as (Disabled) As it has coused problems.

Vote Mute
Vote Mute is basicly an option to vote mute againgst other players.

Chat Bot
This is a bot that will learn from what you talk to it and can answear everything that you say to say to it.
And you can play rock, paper and scissors with it. And you can check your IP and ping.
Type these commands in chat to make them appear and work.
!rock !paper !scissors !ping !ip
The admins can learn the bot more answears and messages.
Admin options:
!learn "Key words" "Response" /Teaches the bot key words
!bsay "text to force the bot speak" /Forces the bot to speak
!knows /Brings up popup of all the key words the bot knows
!dknows /Brings up a popup of things People say to the bot and doesnt know
!clear /clears the !dknows popup
!save /saves the bots brain(everything he knows)

More coming soon!

New addons in climb server! Stars121
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