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How to donate to TGD

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How to donate to TGD Empty How to donate to TGD

Post  The Stealth Tue May 05, 2009 9:26 pm

Hey there.

NOTE:- Our monthly DONATION GOAL is = $300
If we reach this amount every month then we WILL be able to have 6 VERY BIG servers and even to get you a free T-Shirt from TGD. And if it keeps on we are surely gonna get a better website and forums thought with a real theme.

Well we have had a lot of problems with our donation systems but i think we have finally a system that actually works.
We are gonna have our donation system from Art Of War central as they offer gameservers to us. But as you should know that this server hoster is from America. So it's a bit cheaper than many other places.
When you donate to TGD by using this system then you donate towards to our gameservers. That will help a lot to us becaouse one person to pay everything is a bit to much. So we thank those who donate to TGD for helping us. As we get more and more then we can offer real TGD T-Shirts free to all TGD members. But only if we can get some donations.

Well you can chose to Click on this textOr you can chose to use the URL below.

Well when you reach a page then you should see that it is for TGD and it should tell you everything on how to donate to TGD with that system.
Ok but I think we have one more way to donate. And that is towards our website and our domain name. If you chose to donate this way then you are prolonging our website. Means you are helping us to keep the website for you all.

Well to donate to our website and domain name then you must access your account in the website, as is

In your account you should be able to see a button named (Renew your site) with that then you can give us 1-6 months more to keep our website.
If that button is not an option that you can then I think you might be able to use the (Clan Cost) button and give a donation towards that button.

Well I think thats the only way to donate to TGD for now. The donation system that where before did not work and hopefully these will work.
Thanks for reading. And we hope so much that you are gonna help us. Thanks.

The Stealth
The Stealth
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Founder/Web Admin

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