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Step By Step on How to join TGD

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Step By Step on How to join TGD Empty Step By Step on How to join TGD

Post  The Stealth on Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:41 pm

Hello I have resently updated the step by step on how to join TGD so I thougt ill share this information with you as the contest are being held. So please dont edit it or change anything in it. As it still is a recourse of mine.
Thanks for readin and use the step bu step wisely!

Step By Step. How to join TGD:

Step One.
First you need to go into TGD website. As is

Step Two.
Now when you are in the website. Click on register or Sign up as it might say.

Step Three.
Now you are in a form to sign up. Now you just have to fill in everything.

Step Four.
Now you have completed the form. Go to your e-mail and ACTIVATE your account.

Step Five.
Now you have your account on the website and are all activated. Then we will goto your REQUEST. Click on the button Forums.

Step Six.
Now you are in the Forums you need to registe or also know as Sign up.
So click on Register/Sign Up to make your account.

Step Seven.
Now you have an account on the Forums, will we continue. Scroll down until you see a button named "Join The God Devils" Click on it.

Step Ate.
Now you are in the "Join The God Devils" section. You should see some pictures of games. Clicki on the game you want to join. NOTE: If you pick other games then you will land in a squad as a squad leader and you can start recrueting to your TGD Team.

Step Nine.
Ok now you are in that game you wanted to join. Do you need to know how you shall make your aplication before you make it. Click on "How to make your aplication" Or "How to join TGD"

Step Ten.
Now you are in this topic on how to make your aplication. Just simply read how your aplication shall be.

Step Eleven.
Now you have read and know how to make your aplication. Go back to the aplication area. Now make a "New Topic" And simply make your aplication as you have read it should be.

Step Tvelve.
Now you have made your aplication, just post it.

Step Thirten.
Now it is posted you only have to wait for an answear that can take up to 24-48 hours. When the answear has come that will tell you if you have passed or not. If you have passed Congratulations!

Step Fourten.
Now you have passed the aplication. You need to know the clan rules!
Go back to the main page of the forums. Scroll down until you see the button "Clan Rules" Click on it.

Step Fifthten.
Now you are in Clan Rules. You have only to read all of the topics to know everything you should know about the rules. And you are set to be a TGD MEMBER!

Step Sixten.
Now go back to the main page of the forums and scroll down until you see the button named "Ranks And Points" Click on it.

Step Seventen.
Now you are in the section simply read all of the topics and you know everything about the ranks and how to get them.

Thanks for reading this step by step. We hope it has helped you to join TGD. If there were anything missing just make a post about it in the forums.

Sincerly: The Stealth.

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