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Basic Forum Rules.

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Basic Forum Rules. Empty Basic Forum Rules.

Post  The Stealth Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:31 am

The Basics:
• Try to ensure a friendly atmosphere to everyone.
• Be responsible, and help our staff to make sure that everyone is following the rules.
• If you have any comments or concerns, be sure to contact a member of staff.
• Enjoy yourself!

Community Guidelines:
» Do not insult or flame. Try and keep it clean and friendly.
» Keep swearing to a minimum. Most words are fine, the worst are filtered out.
» Spamming can be an issue, so keep that to a minimum too.

• Double posting is allowed in most cases, more can cause trouble.
• Don't bring back old topics for no reason. If you have a reason, be sure to state it.
• Chain Posting is frowned upon, try not to do it. Spread your posts around our many forums.
• Bumps are allowed, but only after 1 full day since your last post in that topic.

» To post your site, please use the Show off your Board Forum.
» If you pm advertise, you will have your pm system removed. Don't do it.
» In more extreme cases, you will be banned.
» You are allowed to advertise in your signature, but keep it small.

Signatures & Avatars:
• Maximum signature height: 250px. If you signature is too tall or too wide, we will remove it.
• Avatars are allowed up to a maximum size of 150 x 150. Any size up to that is welcome.
• If you use an animated avatar, be sure that is doesn't slow down the board.

Moderation & Bans:
» You may receive a warn for doing something against the rules above.
» A warn may be removed by apologising to whom is concerned and following the rules.
» Bans cannot be removed, unless in extreme cases.
» You are not allowed to have multiple accounts. 1 account per person.

Everything else:
• Do not start negative topics, let's keep it positive!
• You may not post graphically disturbing images such as porn.
• Software may not be shared illegally, and posting any will result in a ban.
• You may not share a person's personal information without their consent.
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The Stealth
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