Removing the ranking system and making a simple one instead!

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Removing the ranking system and making a simple one instead!

Post  The Stealth on Fri Sep 11, 2009 7:14 pm

Hey there!

Well as the title says we're going to remove the old ranking system and make a new and simple one. Just like "MEMBER" "DEPUTY" "CO-LEADER" "LEADER" "FOUNDER"

And I have just made a new aplication form and i have locked down the ranking system forum. So noone will be able to see or do anything in there.

However the new one will be more simple and will be granted ranks after status and activiti! So if you really want to earn your status within TGD then you must start doing something.
All unactive members WILL be DOWNGRADED and KICKED.

And there will be few more and NEW things within TGD and that will be more activiti in VENT forexample and in forums and in TGD servers.
These three ways are that what would be required. To do now and forward. Smile

So thats the basics Smile If you really need to know the advanced just contackt me and i will provide the info.
The Stealth if you should forget. Wink

Sincerly: The God Devils team.

The Stealth
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