Avatar request, Singature request, Spray requst for Priority

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Avatar request, Singature request, Spray requst for Priority

Post  Priority on Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:26 pm

- Size: (In pixels)[For example: 400-150 pix (Standaard size) Avatar 100x100 sig 150x100 spray 200x200

- Background style: (Abstract, light grunge or Heavy Grunge) : Avatar Light grunge Sig Heavy Grunge Spray Abstract

- Any type of border: (A specific line around the outside of your sigg) naa

- Name: (For example: Promo) Priority

- Quote: (Some motto you wish to be in your design) Well, i would like to get on my avatar typed: Priority. to sig i want The God Devils and to Spray Priority into middle of pic and the god devils as crossed top of the pic

- Picture(s): (Any picture(s) to be included) Noop, i just want on Avatar nice black flames, on sig some shockwave things and to spray nice The God devils - tag and over it priority Razz

- Color(s): Black,white,blue,red

- Any other information: Thanks <3


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